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Advice and tips for new bloggers

Hi! My name is Ashley Mann. In 2016, I left my career as a middle school English teacher and, with my husband, moved into an RV and started a journey toward entrepreneurship that led me to start my first website, (You can read the whole story here!)  And if you’d like to get to know my personality and personal history a little better, you can check out my blog post “7 Things About Me”.

Purpose of this blog

Along the way, I’ve met lots of other bloggers and people interested in starting a blog, but as many people quickly find out, turning a blog into a profitable business takes a lot of work, time, and learning!

I’m always eager to pass along what I’ve learned as well as tool and resources I’ve found that save me time and help make my business more successful, so I decided to start this blog as a way to hopefully help other bloggers speed up the path to success and achieve their dream of being able to earn money from home (or anywhere!) writing about topics they love.

Why the name?

While tossing around the idea of starting this blog, I always referred to it as my “blogging about blogging blog”, and eventually the name stuck, so at the urging of my husband Josiah, that’s the name I decided to go with!

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What you’ll get

Here are some of the things I plan to share in this blog and in emails to subscribers:

  • Simple-to-understand, easy-to-follow instructions for setting up a brand new blog.
  • Advice for bloggers just starting out.
  • Resources that have helped me in my own blogging journey.
  • Tips for turning a blog into a profitable business – how to drive traffic and monetize that traffic.
  • Simple tips and best practices for things like SEO and optimizing blog posts for social sharing that can seem overwhelming at first.
  • Time-saving tools and tricks that help me stay on top of things like social media so I can focus my time on what’s most important (and most enjoyable)!

Will you join me?

If you’re interested in blogging but need help getting started and sticking with it, or if you already have a blog but are not quite sure how to take it to the next level, you’re exactly who this blog is for! Sign up for my email list below to start receiving useful information and resources right away!

Start learning!

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