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The process of setting up a blog can be overwhelming.  Take small steps toward your goal at your own pace with this FREE online course.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a lifestyle blog, travel blog, or website to use for business or as a hobby, no matter how comfortable you are (or aren’t) with technology.
  • The pros and cons of popular platforms for building and managing websites (such as WordPress and Wix)
  • How to choose a domain name and web hosting provider (and what those terms mean!)
  • How to choose a good WordPress theme (if you choose to build a WordPress website)

To learn more about the course, view the lesson titles, and sign up, click the button below:

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Step-by-step instructions for starting a blog at your own pace. #startablog #bloggingtips #tipsfornewbloggers #blogging