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With experience as an entrepreneur as well as in serving clients and working as an employee, I’m ready to use my marketing, technology, and organizational skills to help you accomplish your goals.

Content Marketing Highlights

Here are a few stats from my former business ( that I’m kinda proud of.

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Career Timeline

Noteworthy Events in My Career


Launched Brave Gym Marketing

Following our success with marketing a local Jiu Jitsu gym, and due to our own passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my husband and I decided to launch a web design and marketing business targeted specifically to martial arts gym owners. It is currently a side project for both of us that we are growing gradually.


Became a Marketing Consultant

My husband and I partnered to start offering business and marketing consulting to clients who came to us via word-of-mouth, including the Jiu Jitsu school where we trained, who we helped drastically increase their membership through SEO and Facebook Ads.


Sold My RV Business

After my husband and I sold our RV and moved back into a house, I gradually lost interest in writing articles about RVing and decided to think about moving on to the next phase of my career, so I decided to look for a buyer for my websites. I ended up selling both websites to my friends Heath and Alyssa Padgett, founders of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast and Summit. I discussed the sale of the business in another episode of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast, which you can listen to here.


Co-Hosted a Virtual Summit

Together with my colleague Sharee Collier, I planned and co-hosted a virtual summit called Ready to Renovate featuring presentations from over 20 RV renovators.



I ended up building the site myself using a WordPress theme which I had to heavily customize. It was not easy (especially since my knowledge of code is pretty much limited to copying and pasting CSS), but it was functional, and soon the site was getting thousands of visitors per month. Later, several professional RV renovators told me that the site had become a vital part of their business, even dictating the market price for renovated RV’s.


Launched the @RVinspiration Instagram account

Sometime late in 2018 I had an idea for an Instagram account which would feature only user generated content: pictures of gorgeous renovated RV interiors. I messaged dozens of RV owners asking for permission to feature their photos, and within a week of launching the account I had over 1,000 followers. Having proved the viability of my idea, I hired a virtual assistant to continue soliciting content until my account grew to the point where people were sending me their photos and asking to be featured. By the time I had over 100k followers, people were regularly asking me to advertise a renovated RV they were selling or asking me where they could purchase a renovated RV, and that gave me the idea for my next project: the Internet’s first RV marketplace for buying and selling renovated RV’s.


Started Building Websites for Clients

Having built several websites for myself, I decided to start a side gig building websites for clients, starting with friends and family. You can see my portfolio of websites I’ve built here.


Presented as a Speaker at the RV Entrepreneur Summit

I was invited to give a presentation on blogging as a business at the RV Entrpreneur Summit hosted by Heath and Alyssa Padgett in Guntersville, Alabama. (Here’s a link to an interview I did for the RV Entrpreneur Podcast.)

2018 became profitable

In May of 2018, my life was changed forever when I made the decision to monetize my website with ads. Overnight I was making more money than I had previously made as a teacher (which I admit isn’t saying much). This was largely due to the traffic I was generating from my Pinterest account, which eventually got over 1 Million views per month. Later, realizing I did not want to be dependent on Pinterest alone for my livelihood, I learned SEO, at which point my Google traffic surpassed my Pinterest traffic.



After seeing the same questions asked over and over in RV Facebook groups, I had the idea of creating a niche content website focused solely on decorating and organizing RV’s for full time living, a topic no other website at the time to my knowledge was focused on. In March of that year I launched, and in October I made my first income from that site–around $30 from affiliate links to Amazon products.

While most of the 200+ articles I wrote for the site are general information or ideas from other RV owners, here are a couple of articles I wrote about our personal experience with living in an RV:

RV Tour: Welcome to My RV!
RVing with a Cat: Making Room for Kitty in Our RV


Quit Teaching to Become an Entrepreneur

In 2016, I quit teaching and my husband Josiah and I decided to sell our home and buy and RV in order to pursue real estate investing. Although that career wasn’t our final destination, it was an important step that launched our career as entrepreneurs. You can read the full story in these articles:

Why We RV – Ashley Mann of RV Inspiration (Feature on the Camping World blog)
Why I Quit My Teaching Job and Moved Into an RV
How I Started My Website and Became a Digital Nomad
Meet the Blogger Behind (Feature on the blog


Started teaching Middle School in Missouri

I was a 7th grade English teacher for five years at Marionville Middle School. During that time, I also taught other subjects including Journalism, Remedial Reading, Advanced Reading, Intro to Spanish, and Health, and I coached the Academic Scholar Bowl team.


Moved to Mexico

I taught English as a second language to students ranging in age from preschool to adult at a language institute in Tlaquepaque, Mexico for one 5-month term.


Moved to South Korea

I taught English as a Second Language as a public school teacher in Cheonan City, South Korea from Oct. 2008-Dec. 2009.


graduated from Missouri State University

I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education.